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Shlokas Meaning of the Shlokas
Om Vakrathunda Mahakaya
Koti Soorya Samaprabha
Nirvighnam Kuru Mey Deva
Sarva Karyeshu Sarvadha

You, of the twisted trunk and the massive body,
With the dazzle and light of millions of suns;
Lead me on a path that has no obstacles, nor hindrances,
Clearing the way in all that I do, ever, and always.

Sristi sthti vinashanam shakti bhute sanatani
Gunashraye gunamaye narayani namostute.

Thou art the eternal I power behind creation. Preservtion and destrection. The three gunas depend on thee. Thou art the embodiment of the gunas. Salutations to thee the power gunas.

Sharanagata dinarta paritrana parayane
Sarvasyrti hare devi narayani namostute.

Thou art the destroyer of all misery. Thou protectest eagerly the helpness that seek refuge in thee. My salutations to thee the power devine.

Om sahana bhavathu sahanau bhunaktu
Saha veeryam karava vahai
Tejasvina vadheeta mastu ma vidvi shavahai
Om shanthi, shanthi, shanthih.

May he protect us both ( teacher and taught) may he cause us both to enhoy the bliss of mukti ( libaration) may we both exert to discover the true meaning of the sacredscriptures. May our studies be fruitful. May we never qurrel with each other.

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