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Puja List

Mahamrityunjay Yagya

Puja for : Avoiding Untimely Death, Puja for Long Life

Puja Details

This is called the - King of Yagyas - and is meant for avoiding untimely death and increase longevity. This homam is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The yagya is performed to get victory over - MRTITYU - which means death. The focal point of worship during this Yagya is Lord Shiva. This yagya is a life saving yagya and it generates the divine positive shield around the person for whose welfare this yagya is organised and that spectrum of positive energies and vibrations couteract all the negative and evil forces and save the person from misfortunes. It bestows long life, peace, wealth, prosperity, satisfaction and immortality. When some one is sick or injured, this Yagya is done round the clock to avert the danger. This Yagya is highly beneficial for faster recovery from any kind of illness & improvement of health. Due to its strong healing power, it helps to cure some chronic diseases which are declared incurable by doctors. The prominent offerings in this homa are durva grass and an herb called amrita. The former is famous for purifying blood and the latter is a medicine for incurable diseases like arbuda or cancer. Since these are used as offerings in this homa, there is no doubt that it bestows longevity on the performer .The Mrityunyaja homa is said to remove the fear of death. The hymns are devoted to Mrityu, the God of death, praying for long life. These hymns are used in the purnahuti or the final offering in the famous Soma sacrifice. This homa also alleviates Mrityu dosha or untimely death.This helps to rejuvenate, bestow health, wealth, a long life, peace, prosperity and happiness. This powerful and revealing Yagya is a wonder-working medicine, a formula for good health, long life, and freedom from accidents. Longevity and good health are first requirements for everyone to lead a happy life. The Mahamrityunjay Yagya is a life saving Yagya. In these days, when life is very complex and accidents are a daily affair, this great Yagya will protect you. When this Yagya is done for some one, due to the powerful effect of the Mantra some divine vibrations are generated, which counteract all the negative and evil forces and create a powerful protective shield around us and save us from accident & any kind of misfortune.

Puja Items

Mahamrityunjay Yagya Samagri
1Turmeric powderΒΌ Lb
3Sandalwood Paste/Powder1packet
5Flowers4 Bunches
6Fruits12 Bananas and five other variety of fruits
7Betel leaves and nuts20 & 15 respectively
8Dry Coconuts (Whole)2
10Rice2 Lbs
11Kalasa Vastram2Yards of fabric
12Rice Poha(Beaten Rice)1Packet
14Dates1 Packet
16Coins (Quarters)20
17Sugar Candy(Misri)1packet
18NaivedyamDevotee's Choice

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