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Puja List

Ganesha Pooja

Puja for :Auspicious Start of Business, Auspicious Entry to Home

Puja Details

This Pooja is performed before starting some auspicious work and for removing obstacles and to dilute the negative forces. Lord Ganesha- the elephant deity riding a mouse- is the son of Shiva and Parvati.He is considered to be the Lord of success and destroyer of evil forces and obstacles. His head which has got the elephant like countenance symboloises the soul or Atman and His human body signifies the earthly existence or Maya. Atman or the soul is the ultimate reality of human existence. Maya is what the human being gets entrapped into during the existence of his body. He is also worshipped as the God of wisdom,knowledge,education and wealth by people seekig knowledge and wealth. This pooja requires the rituals to be performed with the right kind of matras recitation and needs to be performed by expert Poojaris.

Puja Items

Ganesha Pooja Samagri
1Turmeric powderΒΌ Lb
3Sandalwood Paste/Powder1packet
5Flowers4 Bunches
6Fruits12 Bananas and five other variety of fruits
7Betel leaves and nuts20 & 15 respectively
8Dry Coconuts (Whole)2
10Rice2 Lbs
11Kalasa Vastram2Yards of fabric
12Rice Poha(Beaten Rice)1Packet
14Dates1 Packet
16Coins (Quarters)20
17Sugar Candy(Misri)1packet
18NaivedyamDevotee's Choice

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